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When you're a supernatural weapon of mass destruction, it can be hard to walk in the world of humans, especially when you work for the FBI...

Zane Burns--a.k.a. Gunz--is a Fire Salamander who works for a secret paranormal division of the FBI. When he gets a call in the middle of the night to get involved in a multiple homicide investigation, he soon finds himself embroiled in a storm of supernatural mayhem and violence powered by dark magical forces that will stretch both his abilities and resolve to breaking point.

Soon, Gunz becomes entangled in a web of lies and intrigue, making it impossible to tell who is friend and who is foe.

One thing's for sure, though... if he is to survive, he must push himself and his abilities further than he ever has before.

You'll love this fast-paced, edge of your seat Urban Fantasy adventure, because everyone enjoys a battle against evil that threatens the world.

The Fire Salamander Chronicles Book 1 

The Burns Fire | N.M. Thorn

Readers' Reviews


"The Burns Fire is an action-packed work of supernatural urban fantasy penned by author N. M. Thorn, and is the opening book of the Fire Salamander Chronicles series. The plot centers around action hero Zane Burns, employed by the FBI in a secret division because of his special supernatural abilities. As a Fire Salamander, Zane – known as Gunz – knows his way around destructive magical forces, so when he’s assigned to an unusual homicide case, it doesn’t take him long to sense that something much darker is at play. The human and magical worlds collide as Gunz forces his powers to their limits to survive the can of worms that he has opened.

Author N. M. Thorn does an excellent job of maintaining suspense from chapter to chapter, making the reading experience exciting and fast even though it is a lengthy book for its genre. I particularly enjoyed the cinematic quality of the action sequences and even the way the crime scenes and investigative moments were laid out: it felt like I was reading a really excellent police TV show. On top of this is the supernatural element of the salamanders, which was intriguing and unique, not something I’ve read before. Thorn’s concept for the powers that Gunz possesses was clearly defined, so when he builds and grows his skills it’s very logical and exciting to see. Overall, I would definitely recommend The Burns Fire for fans of both crime fiction and supernatural fantasy as it’s an action-packed read with solid magical concepts."

~ Reader's Favorite Review


"AMAZING!!!!!!! Fire Salamanders!!!!!

What a FANTASTIC story!


N.M. Thorn has created something special that the literary world needed. This goes to show that Indie Authors have just as much talent or even more than traditionally published writers. First off, I LOVED the characters. Zane, a.k.a the fire salamander, is such a dynamic character. His movements. His speech. His thoughts. All of them are realistic, and I enjoyed them. Second off, I really like a story that has folklore and mythology in its bones. It really does help to build the world around which the story encompasses. If you are questioning whether not to get yourself a copy of The Burns Fire. Don't question it. Get yourself one today! You won't be disappointed. Now onto the sequel!"

~ Amazon Reviewer


"Compelling, fast-paced, amazing storytelling


This book took me on a ride from the moment I opened the book and started reading. There's no long introduction; the action starts almost straight away, and continues until the last page. The start of the book is an amazing retelling of Irish folklore, beautifully interwoven with Slavic Folklore, magic, fairytales, paramilitary and killer martial arts. N.M. Thorn's storytelling is so compelling it leaves you wanting for more at the end of the book.

~ Amazon Reviewer


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