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Curses are made to be broken... and secrets are made to be revealed.

Zane Burns, a.k.a. Gunz, is a Fire Salamander who works for the FBI.
When unknown demonic forces immune to his fire power and magic are hunting him through the human realm, he decides to stop running and face what's coming.

Pushed into a corner, he has no choice but to comply with their demands. But in doing so he's headed into something a lot more dangerous and terrifying than he could ever imagine. Something that could wipe out his world and destroy magic itself.

With his old allies turning against him, and the future of magic on the line, Gunz must do whatever it takes to discover who stands behind the demonic attacks and stop them. And if that's not enough, he must deal with an ancient curse which threatens his survival and the lives of his friends.

Cursed? You better believe it! But after all, all curses are made to be broken... or not...

If you like a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat Urban Fantasy adventure with dynamic characters, intense action and breathtaking suspense, then you'll love the fourth book in The Fire Salamander Series.

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The Fire Salamander Chronicles Book 4

The Burns Codex | N.M. Thorn | Urban Fantasy Author

What Readers Are Saying...


"Cements this series as one of my favourite urban fantasy universes out there!"

~ Amazon / Goodreads Reviewer


"Every time I thought I had a grip on things, there was another twist around the corner."

~ Amazon / Goodreads Reviewer


"This continues to be one of my favourite urban fantasy series to date."

~ Amazon / Goodreads Reviewer


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