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If the war with the Lord of Chaos was a nightmare, what came after, became his personal hell.


When the Scarlet Queen's son goes missing, Zane Burns is the only person she can ask for help. Loyal to his friends, Zane can't say no, even though he knows that this mission will throw him into the darkest, scariest abyss of the supernatural world... with no way out.


Now alone, trapped and surrounded by evil, Zane must fight his way through the Underground Supernatural fighting pits to find and free his friend.


Before long, he finds himself facing an adversary who is older and more powerful than he is. As the stakes in this evil cat-and-mouse game are growing, and with time working against him, he must put everything on the line to keep the people he loves safe.


Only problem is, it may not be enough...


If you like a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat Urban Fantasy adventure with dynamic characters, intense action and breathtaking suspense, then you'll love the third book in The Fire Salamander Series.

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The Fire Salamander Chronicles Book 3 

The Burns Defiance | N.M. Thorn

What Readers Are Saying...


"I was eager to start reading the third installment in this series, having just finished the second book. Picking up where the last book left off, the author draws you right back into Gunz’ supernatural world once more. The world building here is even better than the last book, I think, and the action scenes are well done and very well thought out as Gunz fights all manner of supernatural creatures in the fighting pits, including demons and werewolves."

~ Amazon / Goodreads Reviewer


"The third installment in the Fire Salamander Chronicles had me at the edge of my seat from the very beginning. I had a hard time putting the book down."

~ Amazon / Goodreads Reviewer


"The thing I love most about Gunz is that he is incredibly loyal, to a fault, and it gets him in the stickiest situations – which sucks for him, but makes a great book! NM Thorn did it again, another fast-paced adventure with plenty of twists along the way. Gunz is a mess (if you’ve read the other books, then you know why), but while battling with his own demons, he is taking on bigger and badder enemies."

~ Amazon / Goodreads Reviewer


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