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N.M. Thorn is an author of Urban Fantasy, supernatural and paranormal novels, including the Fire Salamander Chronicles and the Shadow Enforcer Series.


Currently, she lives in South Florida with her husband and son. Owner of a digital marketing agency by day and a writer by night, she loves spending her time creating new worlds, paranormal planes of existence and anything that could be described as supernatural. 

When she is not busy working with everything digital or exploring fantasy worlds, she spends time with her family, reading, painting and practicing martial arts. 


N.M. Thorn
N.M. Thorn | Urban Fantasy Author

What Readers Are Saying About N.M. Thorn's Work


"The Shadow Enforcer is a well-written urban fantasy, featuring beautiful prose and terrific and cinematic descriptions; the action is nonstop and the skillful handling of character elevates the story to superior standards."

~ Divine Zape, Reader's Favorite review for The Shadow Enforcer


"Author N. M. Thorn does an excellent job of maintaining suspense from chapter to chapter, making the reading experience exciting and fast even though it is a lengthy book for its genre. I particularly enjoyed the cinematic quality of the action sequences and even the way the crime scenes and investigative moments were laid out: it felt like I was reading a really excellent police TV show."

~ K.C. Finn, Reader's Favorite review for The Burns Fire


"Thorn’s characters take on a life of their own and positively leap off the pages. She lures you in, wraps you up in her web, and all you can do is follow the strings to where she leads you — straight into an adventure with myths, magical realms and supernatural beings. She’ll have you believe there are gods and goddesses walking among us, causing mayhem and mischief, and watch out, the person standing next to you in the hardware store might just be capable of much more than you could ever dream of."

~ Cassidy Reyne, Author of The Sentinels series


"As a fan of urban fantasy fiction, I really can’t recommend this series—and this author—enough. Do yourself a favor and read this series, and allow yourself to be immersed in the incredibly detailed and compelling world that NM Thorn has created."

~ N.P. Martin, Author of the Ethan Drake Urban Fantasy series


"Thorn has a unique talent in making her immortal heroes out be vulnerable and flawed even as they take on seemingly unstoppable foes. She weaves her tales of magic and mayhem into a stunning tapestries that you just want to sink into and be a part of. Her books are page-turners that you never want to put down."

~ Douglas S. Pierce, Author of Omega Rising


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