The Shadow Enforcer Series Book 6

It takes darkness to fight the Darkness.


After six months of being MIA, Damian returns to Paradise Manor. As a Destiny Enforcer, he doesn’t expect to have time to relax and enjoy life. All he hopes for is to have a short reprieve after everything he’s been through. But after talking to his brother, he realizes that things have changed in his absence, and not for the better.

Blue Creek has turned into a monsters’ playground. Innocent people are dying, and no one is powerful enough to stop the menacing evil flooding the state. Add to that the fact that all twelve cursed sisters of Pestilence are running amok, and you have a recipe for chaos and bloody devastation.

With his back to the wall, and desperate to resolve the dangerous situation, Damian must tread a perilous path littered with deadly mysteries and shocking revelations. As the ancient prophecy begins to unravel, he must face a terrifying family secret that could turn his life upside down and steer the entire world onto a path of destruction.

For as Damian knows all too well… the darkest secrets have the deadliest consequences.


If you like fast-paced, action-packed Urban Fantasy novels with dynamic characters, intense action, and breathtaking suspense, then you'll love this edge-of-your-seat series, with a touch of Slavic mythology.

The Shadow Supremacy | Urban Fantasy Novel


What Readers Are Saying...


"Once again, N.M. Thorn weaves a wonderful tale about Damian and Cole, the two brothers who are more than they appear to be, including new characters you instantly like (or dislike), with twist and turns that will make you turn the pages faster than you can breathe. Even after the fourth book, I feel like it’s not enough. I could read hundreds of books in this series and not be satisfied..."

~ Amazon / Goodreads Reviewer


"I can't wait until the next instalment comes out! This series has been amazing in the way it combines comedy, action and in depth characters that make you feel for them."

Amazon / Goodreads Reviewer


"It's superbly crafted, emotionally written with nail biting challenges, and a sprinkling of love and laughter.
A true page turner, and one I devoured as fast as my reading speed would let me. If you haven’t read the Shadow Enforcer Series yet, I highly recommend you start now."

~ Amazon / Goodreads Reviewer


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