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The Shadow Storm Coming Soon!

The Shadow Storm is coming on October 21st. This is the fourth installment of The Shadow Enforcer, Urban Fantasy Series.

My editor loved the story, and I received wonderful response from my Beta readers. Here is what my editor had to say about The Shadow Storm:

“Every time I read one of your books, it feels like coming home to a group of friends I haven’t seen for a long time, and I am welcomed with hearty laughs and a slap on the back. The Shadow Storm is no exception to this. Once again, you weaved a wonderful tale about Damian and Cole, the two brothers who are more than they appear to be, including new characters you instantly like (or dislike), with twist and turns that made me turn the pages faster than I could breathe. Even after the fourth book, I feel like it’s not enough. I could read hundreds of books in this series and not be satisfied, but nevertheless, this book was well worth the wait, and I’m already impatient for the next instalment.”

What is the Shadow Storm about?

Wrong choices have consequences. His can destroy the world.

After the last Koschei attack, Damian Blake’s life becomes a never-ending nightmare. As if being a Destiny Enforcer is not hard enough, he must help his brother keep the rogue vampires out of his state and Paradise Manor safe from a supernatural invasion. But when the Flagstaff PD asks him for help with a trivial theft investigation, his life takes an unexpected turn.

According to the owners, an antique ring has been stolen. The only problem—the ring is still in the house, and the insurance appraiser swears to its authenticity. As Damian delves deeper into the investigation, he quickly realizes the case is not as simple as it appears to be. But no matter in which direction he turns, he finds himself facing a dead end. And if that is not enough, something or someone is shifting the balance toward Darkness, threatening the safety of the entire world.

With time running out and deadly monsters on his trail, Damian must unravel the web of secrecy surrounding the missing ring and stop the powerful enemy before it’s too late. As the sun quickly dims, plummeting the world into an endless night, Damian has no choice but to make a desperate move.

The kind of move that may not only cost him his life but his brother’s as well…

A few interesting facts about The Shadow Storm

In case you were wondering where the 4th book is going to take Damian and Cole, here are just a few interesting facts about it:

FACT 1: Just like all novels of the Fire Salamander World, the Shadow Storm starts with a real historical event. The story begins in the Fall of 879 A.D., in Old Ladoga, Russia. If you look at the cover of the book, the image of the Old Ladoga fortress is used in the background.

FACT 2: There is a new player in town, and he surrounds himself with so many secrets, lies, and mysteries that no one can guess what he really is. Is he good or evil? You'll have to wait until you read the story to find out.

FACT 3: As always, Damian and Cole are surrounded by a web of mysteries, riddles and duplicity, but this time the magical mayhem starts with something as trivial as a simple theft of an object that seemingly has no magical properties.

FACT 4: If you follow Damian and Cole through their perilous adventures, you’ll come across more creatures and monsters of Slavic folklore. Some of them you may know, but some could be new to you. If you find any of them interesting and would like to know more, don’t hesitate to drop a message, and I’ll be happy to answer all your questions via email or in one of my blogs.

What to expect next…

While I was editing the Shadow Storm, I began my research for the next novel of the Shadow Enforcer series. Usually, the research phase takes a lot of work and quite a bit of time. I spend hours in a library. Besides visiting the local library, I also search the internet, looking for reputable sites on the subject I am researching. If I need to know something specific, I interview people who can answer my questions, which sometimes include international calls.

As soon as I completed my research, I started to work on the next adventure of the immortal brothers. So far, I have about twenty pages of research materials, number of bookmarked web pages, and a bunch of photos and diagrams, but I know my research file will grow twice this size by the time I finish writing the story.


If you haven't read the first three books of The Shadow Enforcer series, right now is the perfect time to do so. The first 3 books of the series are available on Amazon, FREE with Kindle Unlimited.


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