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From Author’s Desk: July News and Updates

I was hoping that the month of July was going to be nice and relaxing. But as always, we hope for the best, but it happens as usual. 😉 July turned into a whirlpool of projects and events. So, without further ado, here is the July Urban Fantasy Author’s Update.

What am I currently working on?

Today, I have quite a few updates for you. Let’s start with the most important one (at least I think it is important.)

1. The End Post

I have finally written “The End” at the end of my manuscript, and with that, I completed the first draft of the seventh book of the Shadow Enforcer series. At about 134K words, it’s almost as long as book 6, and hopefully, you’ll enjoy the new adventures of Damian and Cole just as much.

2. Audiobook Production

I finally did it! The Shadow Enforcer, the first book of the Shadow Enforcer Urban Fantasy Series is in production, and if everything goes as planned, I hope you’ll be able to listen to it on Audible soon (ish?). Keep an eye on my social media posts and emails for the release date.

3. The Fire Salamander Chronicles update

It has been a while since I released the first book of the Fire Salamander Chronicles, and now, I finally decided to update the cover art for this series.

I started with The Burns Path. The events in this 49,000-word novella occur before the Burns Fire. It is a prequel to the Fire Salamander Chronicles, Urban Fantasy Series, but it can be read as a standalone novel.

Ask The Author

Question: Are you more of a plotter or a pantser?

Answer: I am not a plotter, and I'm not a pantser either. I am somewhere in between. Before I start on a new story, I do detailed character outlines for all main and secondary characters in the story. By the time I am done, I know about them more than I know about some real people who surround me. Even though I don't do a detailed, chapter-by-chapter plot outline, I follow the three-act structure. So, before I write the first word, I know what my antagonist and protagonist want, where the story begins, what would be the first pivoting incident, and how the story is going to end. The rest comes when I write.

Away from the Author’s Desk.

Meet me at Orlando Reads Books Convention! On August 25th to 27th, I’ll be at the “Orlando Reads Books” conference as one of the featured authors. There are many great activities planned for authors and readers, including a reader-author dinner, book signings and workshops for authors. I hope to see you there!


As always, thank you all so much for your continued support.

Happy reading!

N.M. Thorn


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