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Gods and Monsters of the Fire Salamander World: Koldun.

If you read The Storm Awakened, the first book of the Chronicles of Storm series, most likely you remember Declan’s encounter with Koldun Appoloni.

So, who is a koldun, or rather what is he?

The Salamanderverse | The Fire Salamander World

In Slavic lore, they are also called “Chernoknizhnik”, which means those who can read, understand and use a Black Book (Chernaya Kniga). To draw a parallel to the modern western world, a koldun can also be called a dark wizard or a warlock. However, compared to the magic of real Slavic Koldun or Chernoknizhnik, the magic of a warlock is child’s play.

According to Slavic lore, kolduns acquire their skills from demons, and after that, they rely on them for their entire lives. To receive their full power, they sign a contract, selling their soul to a demon in exchange for a Black Book, which holds the most dangerous black spells and incantations. They are dark wizards who swear allegiance to demons, wield Ancient Knowledge of Black Magic and command dark spirits, nezhit, and the undead.

Kolduns are often labeled as individuals without conscience and honor, and it’s not surprising, since they are willing to sacrifice anything to achieve their goals. For them, the purpose always justifies the means.

How can you become a koldun?

The Salamanderverse | The Fire Salamander World

You probably don’t want to do that. Not only is it extremely dangerous, but you also will be selling your soul to some unknown demon. Come on… Just think about it? Is it worth it?

But if you insist…

The easiest way to become a koldun is to find one and talk him into teaching you, becoming his apprentice.

However, you can also become a koldun by accident, and there are two ways it can happen:

1. A dying koldun decides to pass his powers to you by touching you. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about that.

2. You come across a Black Book and take it. Or rather, a Black Book finds you. Not everyone can find and open it. Remember, there is no coincidences in the World of Magic, so if you came across a book filled with weird spells and pictures, think twice before reading it. Remember… once you start, there is no way back.

Speaking of dying kolduns…

Yes, they can be killed, and they can die. But…

A koldun cannot die without passing his magic to someone else. Together with that, he gives the chosen person the power over all the dark spirits, undead and nechist the koldun had summoned during his lifetime.

Death and funeral of a powerful koldun are accompanied by storms, tornados and other calamities as the demon comes to collect his soul.

However, according to Slavic beliefs, after death, a koldun’s soul is not sent to Hell or Peklo. Instead, a koldun is constantly going through the cycles of rebirth.

So there you have it… Now you know exactly what kolduns are and how powerful they are, compared to Dark Wizards and warlocks.


Enter the Fire Salamander World, where magic and ancient myths are real, and things are not what they appear to be.

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